Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Baby shower diaper cake

Hello craft lovers!

Here is a diaper cake I made for a friend's baby shower.  It turned out very pretty. I have used all pink goodies on the cake, as she is expecting a baby girl.
It is very easy to make, I have also added pictures of diaper cake in making.


Arrange (size 1) diapers like this using 3 different sized plates.
Use rubber bands to hold them together.

Stack up 3 tiers of cake like this.

Insert a cardboard tube from the top, to keep all the layers aligned.

Use a baby pink blanket with texture to cover the layers.

Cover the cake with blanket from the top and fold in the remaining blanket at the bottom.
This took me a while to set the blanket perfectly on the cake. Use pins to secure the blanket.
Add thick ribbons at the bottom of each layer to distinguish each tier of cake.

Add all the goodies on the cake. Diaper cake is Ready! :)
Cover it with a pink tulle.

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