Friday, March 25, 2016

Decorative origami box

This project was a great fun! I completed it while my 16 months old took a nap.. I really enjoyed my 'me' time :D These origami boxes are extremely easy to make. You can do this project with your kids as well. It is useful and pretty at the same time!
All you need is one card stock paper of your favorite color and two decorative papers. I got these three papers from 'Michaels'. Each decorative paper cost me $0.59 and a cardstock paper for $0.75
So, total it costs $2 for 2 boxes.
Cardstock paper makes the box more durable. The multi layered decorative lid and multi layered base adds a real charm to this box :)
I am happy, as it is a pretty decent outcome for such less efforts, price and time. :)


  • Begin with a sheet of cardstock paper. Cut it at a ratio of 2:3. The measurement of my sheet is 6 x 9 inches. 

  •  Divide your paper into three equal parts

  • Fold the first part

  • Divide the folded section into two equal parts. Bring the cut edge of folded section back out to the folded edge as shown below

  • Repeat with the opposite side. At this point your paper has three layers 

  • Open one of the folded sides over the other.

  • Bring the top corner down to meet the center fold line

  • Repeat with the bottom corner

  • Do the same with two folded corners

  • Return the cut edge to outer folded edge leaving all folded corners tucked inside 

  • Open the other folded side over the side with the tucked corners

  • Repeat the above steps to fold all the four corners 

  • Return the cut edge to outer folded edge leaving all folded corners tucked inside 

  • Finally, grasp the center of each of the inside folds. Gently pull up and out

  • Keep pulling these folds until they nearly lie flat

  • Crease the sides well

  • Unit will pop into a bowl shape

  • Next we need to make a decorative lid and base. Take measurements of the base of your box and transfer them onto a thick cardboard paper. I have used an empty diaper box to cut the lid

  • Lid consists of three layers. Bottom layer should be 1 inch longer and wider the the base of the box. Middle layer should be 1/8 inch smaller than the base of the box. Top layer is 1 inch square. Similarly, decorative base consists of two layers. Both the layers slightly longer than the base of bowl to make a visible decorative base at the bottom.

  • Cut the six squares as per measurements. To get smooth edges, sand the squares using sand paper.

  • Use decorative papers to cover all 6 squares

  •  Glue three layers together to form a lid. 

  • Similarly, glue 2 bottom layers together to form a base

  • Glue box on the base

  • Put the lid on. 

  • When you put the lid upside down on top of the box, middle layer of lid will rest inside the box to hold the lid in place.

Source: Book - 'Paper in three dimensions' by Diane Maurer-Mathison

Hope you enjoyed this post! :)
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Minion Easter Egg

This project was great fun! My first attempt to decorate an Easter egg. My 16 months old was amused to see this little guy :) Minions need no introduction!
If you would like to make one of these, follow the steps below.

I began with a brown egg but ultimately used a white egg. It is easy to dye a white egg perfect minion yellow using natural ingredients. Use a pencil to mark a line at the center of an egg to divide it vertically in two equal parts.

Next, a little minion dress needs to be stitched. I used a piece of old torn jeans for this. Cut a strip of old denim cloth long enough to cover the bottom half of the egg. Stitch it from the back to form a cylindrical skirt.

Add few stitches at the bottom as shown in the picture below:

Make a cut on left and right edges. Overlap and add few stitches to make it look like those are denim shorts. Cut semicircles on the top on left and right sides.

Next, add the shoulder belts. Cut two thin strips of denim cloth and stitch them crossing at the back as shown in the picture.

To dye the egg yellow, first boil the egg. Add 1 tbs of turmeric powder and 1 tbs of white vinegar in boiling water. Soak the boiled white egg into mixture for about half an hour. Then take out the egg and wait for it to dry to get beautiful yellow color. If you have hair dryer, use it to dry the egg within seconds.

Put the dress that we stitched on the egg.

Use a pencil to draw an outline of eyes and mouth. I used 4B pencil to draw the eyeglasses.

Cut two small circles from white paper to form eyes. Used brown color pencil to draw the center of eyes. Glue the eyes on the egg inside the frame of eyeglasses.

Draw a mouth using 4B pencil and minion is ready! :)

Hope you enjoyed it! :)
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

A bath tissue craft


Recently I came across a beautiful paper yarn craft project. I wanted to make a similar craft but make it a no-cost project. So, I decided to use the bath tissue paper instead. It was an experiment! 
I figured out a way to make paper yarn out of bath tissue at home. And used braiding technique to make a hand bag like structure using paper yarn.
I think paper yarn braiding is an awesome technique which can be used in variety of other craft projects.

You will need:

  • Bath tissue roll
  • Hand mixer
  • Needle
  • White thread, scissors
  • Ribbons for decoration

Here is a video complete process:

Step by step instructions:

  • Take a bath tissue roll

  • Cut a 3 Ft long piece of paper

  • Fold the paper and cut into 3 equal sized strips (around 1 inch in width). Each strip of paper will make one yarn thread

  • Open first folded strip of paper

  • I used a hand mixer to twist the paper to form a paper yarn thread 

  • Tie one end of paper to the top of hand mixer.

  • Place some weight on other end of the strip

  • Slowly start rotating the hand mixer. Strip of paper will start twisting, slowly forming a thread.

  • Stop twisting when it starts to curl around itself

  • Remove the weight from other end an tie a knot. Also open the knot at hand mixer end. First paper yarn thread is ready. Make 50 to 60 such threads. Or you can make one long thread and cut it into pieces of desired size.  

  • To make a braid, take a group of 6 paper yarn threads. Tie them together at one end. Make three groups of 2 threads each and start interlacing them to form a braid.

  • Make 10 such braids.

  • Next, take a needle and thin white thread. Stitch the adjacent strands of braids together. 

  • Similarly, stitch all the braids together to form a sheet

  • In similar fashion, make 2 small sheets of 3 braids each to form two side panels. Length of side panels is approximately half of the original braid length.

  • Fold the main sheet of braids and mark the length on side panels. Attach side panels to the main sheet of braids at the marks as shown in the picture

  • Stitch the sides of panels and main sheet together. A hand bag is ready.

  • Trim the fringes at the top and decorate with your favorite ribbons!

Hope you enjoyed!
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