Monday, April 11, 2016

Transform kitchen dish cloth to a fun placemat!


This is a fun craft activity! :) Just grab your old kitchen napkins and transform them into pretty placemats or wall decors using a duct tape and spray paint. By altering colors and duct tape arrangements, come up with your own unique design!

Please checkout the video of complete process:

Here are step by step photos of complete process:

  • First collect all the material you need for this project. A kitchen napkin,  a spray paint in complementary color, duct tape and scissors. If you are making a placemat, you  might wanna use the spray paint that is water resistant.  If you are making a wall decor using this technique, any spray paint is fine.

  • Decide the pattern you want and transfer it on to dish cloth using light pencil

  • Add strips of duct tape on the pencil markings

  • Spray paint the dish cloth

  • Let it dry for 24 hours and remove the duct tape. Beautiful placemat is ready!

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