Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mother baby night light

Mother's Day is around the corner! When is the last time you made something for your mom?
Gift her something handmade this time :)
Here is an idea: A beautiful handmade night light - Simple and pretty!

Step by step instructions:

  • Take a cardstock paper 1 ft long and 1 ft wide. Fold the  paper to divide it in two equal parts. This will create two sides of the night light, each 6 inches wide. Leave 1/2 in border on left, right and bottom side. 

  • Draw your favorite design using light pencil on inner side of paper. Keep  in mind that left and right sides of your design will reverse when we flip the paper. Outer side of paper will be visible.

  • Carefully cut along the pencil markings using craft knife. 

  • Two sides of the night light are ready. Similarly take another sheet of cardstock paper and make remaining two sides.

  • Stick white vinyl paper on the inner side of both cardstock sheets.

  • Fold 1/2 border on one side of both cardstock sheets and glue them together.

  • A pretty night lamp is ready! :)

Hope you enjoyed! :)
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